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P. Ringwall Ab oy: Illustrerade modekatalog. Kansalliskirjasto.


As a part of the Ministry of Education and Culture's National Digital Library (NDL) project a document has been completed, which describes the enterprise architecture for the NDL and its impact on the target sectors. Now, also English translation of Enterprise Architecture is available.  

The NDL’s enterprise architecture editorialise what kind of services the owners and holders can use to enable and improve usability of their content. The purpose of the document is to facilitate the introduction of NDL services, the design of ancillary services, and mutual interoperability.

The document describes the enterprise architecture at principle, conceptual, logical and physical levels. 

The document is the third update of the NDL’s enterprise architecture. An essential attention is paid to description of interoperability of NDL’s services and identification of enabling factors. 

In addition to the full document, an extended abstract and a powerpoint presentation are also available.