The National Digital Library project has ended and this website will no longer be updated. You will find information about digital cultural heritage services, projects and future collaboration on the Digime website,

Map of globally accessible bird data. GBIF-portal.

The National Digital Library is one of the research, innovation and creativity environments whose accelerated development has been set as a strategic target by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project implements national culture and science policies by means of increasing the availability and preservation of the electronic information resources of libraries, archives and museums, and by means of establishing a significant research infrastructure and strengthening electronic learning environments.

The National Digital Library is part of the development of national electronic infrastructures and customer-oriented electronic service entities. The National Digital Library project is one of the public administration projects defined in the Ubiquitous Information Society action plan that implements the Government Resolution on the Objectives of the National Information Society Policy 2007−2011.The basis of the Government Resolution is the third national information society strategy “A renewing, human-centric and competitive Finland” (2007–2015).

The measures taken by the National Digital Library correspond to the jointly agreed upon targets set by the European Union Member States on the digitising and electronic availability and long-term preservation of cultural materials and scientific information. Materials are distributed for search in the European Digital Library, Europeana, through the National Digital Library public interface.


The Ubiquitous Information Society Advisory Board