The National Digital Library project has ended and this website will no longer be updated. You will find information about digital cultural heritage services, projects and future collaboration on the Digime website,

Presentation note from the Office of the Secretary of State from 1812. The National Archives.


The National Digital Library (NDL) is a project of the Ministry of Education and Culture which aims to ensure that electronic materials of Finnish culture and science are managed with a high standard, are easily accessed and securely preserved well into the future. It is one of the key electronic research and culture infrastructures currently under construction in Finland.

It includes:

  • Common user interface Finna for the information resources of libraries, archives and museums (+ 200 organisations)
  • Development of a digital preservation solution for digital cultural heritage
  • Promotion of interoperability of information, processes and IT systems in Finnish memory organizations

The National Digital Library project is a part of the development of national electronic services and infrastructures. For over 20 years now, the joint use of information has been addressed in policy outlines on public sector information management and the development of the information society:

  • 2007: The National Information Society Strategy 2007–2015 + Government Resolution on its objectives
  • 2011: The Government's report to the Parliament "A productive and innovative Finland – A digital agenda for 2011–2020"
  • 2011: the Government Resolution on better accessibility to and improved reuse of the digital materials of the public sector – the National Digital Library one of the few flagships in Finland.
  • 2013: Finnish Open Data Programme 2013–2015 (brochure)


The Ministry of Education and Culture has appointed steering group for the National Digital Library project.


Structure of the project organisation


The National Digital Library project ended on 31 December 2017. The procedures created and the results of the project will be harnessed to further develop participatory, innovative and interactive work that promotes digital cultural heritage. The National Library is responsible for all communications related to topical matters and interoperability throughout digital cultural heritage.

The services produced by the National Digital Library, and especially the FINNA service, which makes material more readily available, and the Kulttuuriperintö-PAS service, which helps preserve material, will continue to operate even after the end of the project. The National Digital Library is responsible for the FINNA service while the IT Center for Science is in charge of the Kulttuuriperintö-PAS service.