The National Digital Library project has ended and this website will no longer be updated. You will find information about digital cultural heritage services, projects and future collaboration on the Digime website,

Europe 1820: C.Müller 1820. The National Library of Finland.

Europeana, the European Digital Library, constitutes a common view of European cultural heritage. The digitised materials of libraries, archives and museums form the key content of Europeana. It is a joint project of the European Union Member States and the European Commission.

In September 2012 Europeana opened up its dataset of over 20 million cultural objects for free re-use. Read more on the topic from the National Library's press release 18.9.2012.

The National Digital Library project is participating in the development of Europeana. In the future, metadata on Finnish materials will be relayed to Europeana via the Formula service developed under the NDL project. The first materials through Formula were harvested from the Finnish National Gallery to Europeana in July 2012.

National digital libraries are being developed in many EU Member States. In the future their materials can also be searched for in Europeana.

There are also other on-going projects in Europe promoting digitising and the availability of materials and supporting Europeana. For example, Finnish organisations are participating in the APExEuropeana Awareness, Europeana Cloud, Europeana Creative and Europeana Newspapers, projects.

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