The National Digital Library project has ended and this website will no longer be updated. You will find information about digital cultural heritage services, projects and future collaboration on the Digime website,

Melartin, Erkki: Hymni, 1911. Sibelius Academy.

One objective of the National Digital Library project is to promote libraries, archives and museums to digitize their materials and by so doing improve their accessibility. 

The public interface, which will be implemented during the project, will gather together the digitized materials. This will serve the needs of citizens, science, culture and education. In addition to the preservation of the materials, digitisation benefits the society first and foremost through the possibility of use and reuse of the materials.

The technologies used for the creation of digitised materials and their metadata must correspond to the requirements of long-term preservation in order to ensure that there won't be any need to digitize the materials again in years to come.  

The National Digital Library project stresses the process of well-designed digitisation which takes into consideration both the necessities of the collections as well as the needs of the end users.

The last cultural heritage digitisation projects supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture from funds earmarked for promoting employment ended in late 2011. Processes that facilitate more efficient digitisation were developed in several of these projects. The NDL standard portfolio is complied with in digitisation. In their joint projects, libraries, archives and museums have focused on such efforts as developing a national conceptual model for archive description and cataloguing guidelines for digitalisation projects at museums (in Finnish).

The Ministry of Education and Culture continues to support digitisation through subsidies. 

Examples of digitized collections can be found in the following pages:
The National Library of Finland

Digital Archives   

Finnish National Gallery;

In future also these materials can be found through one public interface.